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Kevin Cullen

Vice Chair, Metrics

Kevin was appointed CEO of UNSW Innovations at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney in August 2011. He is responsible for developing the UNSW model for knowledge exchange and commercialisation, with particular emphasis on supporting the translation of the university’s excellent research outputs into use by external partners.

Kevin has a strong track record in developing the university/industry interface, with 16 years experience across the range of licensing, spin-out, company support and economic development. He also brings to the role a detailed understanding of the “impact’ agenda and how to optimise the contribution of the university to delivering benefits to the economy and society. Kevin was the architect of the Knowledge Transfer metrics and funding allocation models in Scotland and the UK and is recognised as a leading thinker in the field of academic technology transfer. Most recently he has led the creation of an Easy Access IP consortium of universities, a radical new model to accelerate the transfer of IP into commercial use.

Kevin joined UNSW Innovations from the University of Glasgow, where he was Director of Research & Enterprise from 2003. His qualifications include a PhD in physical-organic chemistry from the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Kevin Cullen
CEO UNSW Innovations
University of New South Wales
Tel: +61 2 9385 6505