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Australians rely on the discoveries and knowledge of researchers from our publicly funded research institutions. Every day, each and every one of us comes into contact with a product or service that has origins in a research institution – innovations which pervade our lives for the better. So many things from the toast we have for breakfast to the cars we drive to the pharmaceuticals we purchase: all have had input from our researchers to ensure quality, efficacy and economy.

The research sector in Australia is very important when it comes to maintaining innovativeness and competitiveness globally. A large number of Australian businesses rely upon innovation from universities to drive their own competitive strategies, and compete with innovations derived from overseas competitors.

KCA would like to raise the profile of the great work that the sector is doing, and believes sharing the stories of our members will complement our other advocacy efforts.

This section showcases just some of the many stories of positive engagement between public sector research organisations and other businesses in the community.

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