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Registered Technology Transfer Professional Status

Advance your tech transfer career with RTTP status! Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) status recognises the accomplishments, roles, skills, knowledge, and deal-making expertise of technology transfer professionals on a world-wide basis. The RTTP status signifies that you have acquired, through training and practical experience, highly valuable technology transfer skills and knowledge.

If you want to be recognised by your peers and employer as a technology transfer professional — someone who makes technology transfer happen and delivers benefits from research into the economy – then you should apply for RTTP.” - Kevin Cullen: Former Chair of the Global Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP), and current Vice-Chair, KCA

RTTP status is achieved via an application process and can be earned via any one of three different pathways. These three routes recognise the different ways in which an individual may have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to be a successful technology transfer professional.

It is a pre-condition that all applicants:

Two of these pathways credit continuing education (CE) points earned via attending association events and workshops, so coming along to KCA events has the added benefit of aiding your application for RTTP status.

For more information about RTTP and the pathways to earning accreditation, check out the ATTP website, in particular the Routes to Registration page.

Current RTTPs in Australia & New Zealand

Name KCA Member Organisation
Dr Timothy Boyle ANSTO
Dr Douglas Robertson Australian National University
Mr Russell Nicholls Curtin University
Ms Jan Bingley CSIRO
Mr Lindsay Adler CSIRO
Ms Ellen Gorissen CSIRO
Leonore Ryan CSIRO
Dr Gautam Tendulkar CSIRO
Mr Robert Smith DST Group
Ms Athena Prib gemaker
Ms Anna Grocholsky Macquarie University
Dr Alastair Hick Monash University
Dr Seth Jones Swinburne Knowledge
Dr Kevin Cullen UNSW Innovations
Dr Steve Brodie UNSW Innovations
Dr Emma Elliott UNSW Innovations
Dr Benjamin Matthewson UNSW Innovations
Mr Graham Morton UNSW Innovations
Dr Jim Henderson UNSW Innovations
Dr Alfredo Martinez-Coll UNSW Innovations
Mr Robert Chalmers The University of Adelaide
Mr Duane Rivett The University of Adelaide
Mr Simon Firth The University of Adelaide
Dr Darren Cundy The University of Tasmania
Mr Taksil Dias The University of Technology Sydney
Dr Andy Sierakowski The University of Western Australia
Dr Gavin Dixon The University of Wollongong
Dr Peter Lee UniServices
Ms Vicki Locke VLL Consulting
Mr Duncan Mackintosh WaikatoLink Ltd