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These are the people who make things happen

As with so many associations around the globe, it is the passion and the engagement from the member base which is largely responsible for driving activity, and making the association the success that it is. KCA has a growing community of volunteers who are actively involved in driving the KCA mission, creating platforms for shared experience and achieving common goals as a collective. Their commitment is what offers opportunities for development, growth, learning and friendship - linking, enabling and inspiring the broader member base and wider innovation community. Thank you to all our volunteers for their continued support.

Annual Conference Organising Committee 2016

Caroline Bathje, LaTrobe
Tim Boyle, ANSTO
Giulia Gizzi, LaTrobe
Klaus Krauter, University of Wollongong
Fiona Nelms, ANU
Dean Moss, UniQuest

Professional Development Committee

Alastair Hick, Monash University
Dean Moss, UniQuest

Annual Conference Organising Committee 2015

Tim Boyle, ANSTO
Stephen Earl, UniQuest
Kylie Ellis, Adelaide Research & Innovation
Erin Rayment, The University of Southern Queensland
Craig Rogers, DSTO
Lisa van den Berg, Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Fund
Leanne Wyvill, Presence Communications
Hadi Zulfiqar, Newcastle Innovations

Annual Conference Organising Committee 2014

Aiofe Cullen, The University of Queensland
Craig Rogers, DST Group
Devita Pathi, DST Group
Fiona Nelms, ANU
Jens Tampe, Griffith Enterprise
Lisa van den Berg, qutbluebox
Maryam Tabari, University of Technology Sydney
Melanie Maslem, Coalfacer