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The Importance of our Volunteers

KCA is an association built on the good will and efforts of countless volunteers. This humble association has been around since 1978 (yes really), and has grown over time thanks to professionals who generously give their time to pitch in, get their hands dirty and bring people together to make things happen.

KCA has reached a point in its journey where it needs a resurgence of volunteers to take it the next step and to help it grow and evolve into an association for the 21st Century. We need all kinds of volunteers with all different experiences and skill sets to drive activity and to steer the overall direction, so no matter where you are at in your innovation adventure, there is likely to be a group or a committee that could benefit from your pearls of wisdom and the aid of an extra pair of hands.

KCA aims to become a member driven association, run by members for members. We’d like to see a bottom up approach to decisions made around the types of services and initiatives supported by KCA, to ensure KCA remains relevant and meets the needs of its members.

Getting members more involved in developing and driving the direction of KCA will help to foster a spirit of sharing content and working together to nurture each other and the profession. This in turn will support both individuals and the collective in terms of growth and development.

The purpose of KCA is to create links and connections, increasing communication and conveying the relevance of the sector to the wider community. Getting business and government more engaged, and via joint learning opportunities, establishing a common language between the different worlds will also be key.

Empowering members to be part-time marketers to further our cause, sharing their stories and spread the word of the great things happening within the sector will hopefully bring about change and see greater value derived from interactions between the public and private sector.